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Tile Installation San Diego

We have been in the tile installation business for more than 20 years. We are top-notch at putting down tiles. We can help you with your fireplace, barbecue, backsplash, floor tiles, or bathroom tiles. Even though we specialize in remodeling homes, I’m also skilled at building new homes and remodeling and building business spaces. We have been tile installers in San Diego for more than eight years and have done great work for some great people. A very high percentage of my customers are happy.


Types of Tile Installation San Diego

When planning for tile installation in your kitchen, bathrooms, or home, even if it’s just a simple makeover, tile installation in San Diego is something you should think about. Putting down tile floors in San Diego bathrooms and kitchens and wall tiles in a shower area can quickly change the look of a room. 

Home Tile Installation San Diego Projects

Tile Installation San Diego

If you hire Poseidon Home Remodeling Contractors in San Diego for kitchen or bathroom tile installation. In that case, our team of experts pays close attention to every detail and will do anything to make sure they get exactly what they want. We do everything that has to do with installing tiles. We can tear down, re-plumb, frame, seal, drywall, paint, and do a lot more. 



There’s no need to hire multiple businesses to do the small jobs here and there. We do the best bathroom tile work in San Diego. We do install tile floors, tile bathrooms, tile fireplaces and grills. We put together a Roman tub as well. We cut grooves in the floor joists so that the shower pan can be lowered for the linear drains. We waterproofed it several times, and it never leaked. We frame pony walls, corner chairs, and shower benches.

Types of Tile Installation Services

Granite tile, marble tile, slate tile, sandstone tile, limestone tile, travertine tile, quartzite tile, and glass tile are some of the types of tiles we work with. We can put a picture frame around the placement of your backsplash tiles, floor tiles, or shower tiles.

We put in all of our favorite tiles, at least for now. There is no one else in San Diego whose tile installations we would instead compare the level of to us. Let’s start making your new bathroom, shower, or tiled area right away.

Floor Tiles Installation San Diego


Tiles for floors should look nice and be simple to clean. We have a wide range of floor tiles design ideas at San Diego Kitchen Renovation, from clay to granite and everything in between. For a modern yet warm floor, switch up the colors and tones of your tile flooring in San Diego CA, to make it look one of a kind. You could also choose a trendy finish with a single tile color for a clean look. 


Many floor tiles are easy to clean with a damp cloth, so you’ll be able to enjoy your new floor for many years to come. Besides that, we only work with the biggest names in the tile business, and many of the tiles come with a warranty. We can help you change the floor in your San Diego bathroom.

Granite Tiles Installation San Diego


Granite tile, which is durable and attractive, is one of the most common types of tile flooring in San Diego. Granite can stand up to heat, lasts a very long time, and has a consistent color that looks great anywhere. Granite tiles can be used in many places; they are popular in San Diego kitchens, bathrooms, and any other room in the house because of their smooth surface and easy to clean and are great for homes with kids or pets.


We’ve teamed up with the best granite suppliers in San Diego, who bring some genuinely unique granite tiles straight from big mines. For your next job, we’re happy to give you some of the money we saved. The more space you need to tile, the more money you save!

Exquisite Shower Tile Installation San Diego

Poseidon remodeling Inc

Homeowners often need to pay more attention to the surroundings in their showers, which makes them bland. Shower tile installation in San Diego can give your morning shower a new lease on life by making it a more welcoming and attractive space that is also useful. As with all of our tiles, we have a lot of different shower tiles that will make your area feel new again. We also do shower conversions for people who want to make their bathroom bigger or change the way it looks. We can help you figure out what kinds of shower tiles will work best for your bathroom and showers.

Tile Installation Services for Bathrooms


We know how important it is to offer a lot of different services here at Poseidon Home Remodel Services. Homeowners in the San Diego area have very different needs. Without a question, the best floor for a bathroom is tile. Most tiles don’t let water through and only have pores if you choose a unique tile like clay. When installing bathroom tiles, we always tell our clients to look at the choices that are the strongest and don’t absorb water. 

Sometimes, putting in bathroom tiles takes a while because you have to take steps to make sure it’s done right. But we work with a goal in mind to make sure that every job is done quickly and well.

Shower Tile Installation San Diego CA

Shower Tile Installation San Diego CA

Custom design is luxurious. We design dream showers for homes.  Poseidon Tile Install Experts help homeowners choose the correct tile for shower sections and find design options that complement the home’s overall atmosphere.

A popular home design idea that improves showering and getting ready. Custom shower tile installation in San Diego is economical, can increase your home’s resale value, and can prevent humidity and water damage.

Our tile installers can install custom or premium shower tiles for San Diego homeowners. We enjoy exceeding expectations, and unique designs are our specialty! San Diego Tile Install Experts hand-picks the best staff for each specific task based on time management and attention to detail.

Kitchen Backsplash and Tile Installation San Diego

Poseidon remodeling Inc

If kitchen floors could talk, they’d be mad about all the bad things that people drop on them. Things like pots and pans, leftovers, and more. In other words, every home should have kitchen floors that last a long time and are simple to clean. The answer is to put tiles on the kitchen floor.

We install tile for: 

  • Kitchen floor tile
  • Kitchen Backsplash Tile
  • Wall tile for kitchens & pantry
  • Laundry Room tile

Kitchen Backsplash Tile Installation

A backsplash is the part of the table that goes up against the wall. Its main job is to keep splashes from hitting the wall. Some people only splash water near the washbasin when they do this.

Installing a kitchen backsplash made of tiles can keep your home safe from things or splatters that might get on bare walls and stay there for a long time. With the tile backsplash, it’s easy to clean up spills and splatters behind the counters.


When you’re replacing all the tiles in your kitchen or when you’re putting up a kitchen backsplash for the first time. We can help you while choosing different colors, designs, and materials for kitchen backsplash tile installation. We can help you figure out what look will work best in your kitchen and what will go best with the finishes you already have.

Ceramic Tile Flooring


If you want a sleek and modern matched ceramic tile floor in San Diego, something warm and traditional, or even a fun and colorful tile arrangement, San Diego Renovation Pros has all of them. We can make your tile installation in San Diego a dream come true.

Custom Tile Installation San Diego, CA

Folks often think that making a personalized tile installation plan for their bathroom is too expensive for most people. We are pros at installing tiles in San Diego, and we offer high-quality, custom tile arrangements at prices that won’t break the bank. We have been designing and installing tiles for years in San Diego, so we can help you figure out which tile material will be best for your home and according to your budget. Custom tile installation in San Diego is more accessible and less expensive than you might think, and it can completely change the look of your bathroom in no time.

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